One does one’s duty … or at least 60% of it

There I was, all relaxed, virtual elbows on Stuart’s lovely kitchen table, munching on a bacon sarnie, minding my own business and just enjoying the craic (in the nicest possible way) when he up and tagged me with a meme! Just like that!

Actually, to be fair, I wasn’t minding my own business at all. More like butting in at every opportunity. But five more things not many people know about me. FIVE? I had enough trouble coming up with the first lot. Frankly, neither of me are that interesting. So I went on bended knee to Brother Moobs, hoping for a plenary indulgence, but he wasn’t having any of it. God! That man can be harsh! So I’m offering a compromise. Three new facts plus a link back to the last lot. Can’t say fairer than that, can !? (Which reminds me of a joke, but I’ll tell you that later.)

So here we go. As they (almost) say in the House of Commons, I refer my Right Honourable friends to my previous reply. And in addition:

  • One of me once made scrambled eggs for Viola, Duchess of Westminster.
  • Neither of me have ever eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • The BBC2 six-week series, The Madness of Modern Families is starting on Tuesday 16th at 8.30. Okay – some people may know that already. But I bet they don’t know that one of me appears in the show, plus one of me’s husband and two of me’s friends!

Oooh! I think that almost makes five. If you space them all out and wrinkle your eyes up a bit. Not as interesting as yours, Stuart, I’m afraid. But to make up for it, I’ll tell you that joke now.

‘Doctor! Doctor! I can’t say “f”, “th” or “t”!

‘You can’t say fairer than that, then.’



6 thoughts on “One does one’s duty … or at least 60% of it

  1. You are lucky women to have never eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’ve eaten there twice in the past 25 years and I’ve had food poisoning from there twice in the past 25 years (I think it’s a branch-specific problem, but still).
    Thanks for visiting me!

  2. Now you are to be a telly star you’ll have to get a Celeb blog with entries written every 9 months by your PR staff. The entries must say that you really hope we like your new site and whilst you will not have time to reply to all our enquiries you do plan at some undetermined point in the future to answer a selection of them in a proposed new section to the site. You should express the hope, in the meantime, that we will enjoy looking round your latest venture into cyberspace and conclude with a moody picture and some kisses.

  3. What? Oh cripes, it all started with you!

    If a meme goes in a full circle like this, does something in the universe pop?

    Or does it just mean I’m too rude and didn’t remember you’d already covered it, the universe is safe, and I’m a right bugger.


    Pass the sugar.

    Hey! Elbows off!

  4. stuart – i think the universe is safe, cos i didn’t start this one. i’m just an innocent casualty, like you. this one’s far better than most. with some, you have to come up with 20 things! there seems to be loads of memes going round at any time – rather like crabs … not that you’d know, of course. any chance of a cuppa?
    moobs – i’m launching a range of celebrity lingerie – ‘muthapants’, irresistibe, n’est-ce-pas? mwah mwah.
    beck – i’m so glad frog and toad are still friends, especially after that misunderstanding about who raked up whose leaves.

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