Warm your hands on the bonfire of our good intentions

Right – everyone here? Everyone got a drink? Where are those matches? Ah, here they are, on a low shelf along with all the sharp, pointy things and the household cleaning products. Where are the kids? No idea? Surfing the net unattended? Watching unsuitable films on TV? Oh, what bad, bad parents we are!

Are you ready to let go of all those unrealistic resolutions and watch the guilt go up in flames? Good. Me too. There we go. It’s catching nicely, what with all the gasoline of media disapproval that gets poured on at regular intervals, and fanned by the combined hot air of the ‘experts’ and ‘-ologists’. You know, the ones who make you feel that being a parent is sooo complicated, you just can’t trust your own judgement, and you really should rely on what they tell you.

Ooh – you can really feel the heat now, can’t you? I can see your faces in the glow – maybe it’s a trick of the light, but you all look so relaxed and happy and – well – just in the moment. Like a weight is falling from your shoulders. Feel free to add any other stuff you’ve brought along. ‘My children will only eat organic.’ ‘I’ll never give way to pester power.’ ‘Only wooden toys.’ ‘No Maccy D’s.’ ‘I’ll read to them every single night.’

Get rid of it all here and watch it burn. You’re among friends, and we all agree: being a good enough parent is plenty good enough. We’re doing our best. It time for us to have some fun. Now don’t you feel better? Time for a dance, I think, round the fire, like the mad muthas we all are. Enjoy! Here’s to us – and the return of our sanity… for now, at least.


14 thoughts on “Warm your hands on the bonfire of our good intentions

  1. Aaggghhh.
    A Virginal posting page. It is all mine. I get to be first to plunder and pillage MM’s post. And I’m drawing a blank.
    Nothing to say.
    And me, a pyromaniac to boot!
    Ummm…aaaghhh, well…Oh God. The pressure to perform is so great.
    Here throw this one on the fire “I’ll never let my kids watch inappropriate television – only age appropriate educational shows.”
    It explodes as I say, “Thomas the Tank Engine is crap, Dr. Know. Mommy wants to watch that yummy Anakin Skywalker. Come let’s watch Yoda kick some Sith ass.”

  2. Thanks for this. I am in a constant war with my good enough parent-self and my anxious parent-self who is constantly afraid that I’m just not doing the right thing, or the best thing, for my lovely, troubled, too smart, too intense son.

    I don’t know how to find the balance.

    But tonight, let it burn.

  3. You’ve warmed my “good enough” heart mad muthas. Especially now I’m thinking that the school holidays are all a bit too long really and though I should “…be only taking my kids to fun, educational stuff…” I have to say I’m over it already. Pssss – there goes that one up in smoke as well. The burden she is lifting….

  4. Burn, baby, burn. New Year inferno. Yes! I love it. So much for my chocolate consumption reduction resolution. By appt. by her majesty the queen, this Cadbury melting on my tongue all the way from the UK thanks to my Brit mother-in-law will have to die hard in the flames. Does choc. taste better burnt?

  5. Ooh, it’s so pretty! Hope the spittle from my children’s messy faces doesn’t dampen the flames too much.


    Mad-fatha-ologist x

  6. Oh dear oh dear, I think I must be the bonfire. I simply don’t have any good intentions anymore. It’s like, they can watch whatever, as long as it isn’t porn. And if they eat junk food half the time its cancelled out by an apple, right? Still, they are turning out all right, it’s probably all in the genes!!

  7. adm lost for words? shurely shome mishtake!
    stuntmother we should make this a regular event, dontcha think?
    toyfoto awwww! mutual. and so many congrats on your lovely news.
    nutmeg i can feel my boots getting lighter as it burns.
    mwa hny 2 u 2!
    slackstress chocolate is best eaten very quickly before your children catch you at it! nice to see you, btw.
    lm watch out for the sprinklers … oh! there goes another computer!
    graham your lovely children are always welcome, dirty or clean. thanks for the photo – heavenly!
    emma i crown you lady of misrule – please feel free to lead me astray.
    ydm lurve that photo!
    pewari beats plucking any day …

  8. Well, since pumpkinpie learned about both Dora the Explorer and chocolate this past year, it seems my high horuse ahs run off on me, leaving me with just a saddle – and it’s not that comfy on its own. Perhaps I will sell it off to the next unsuspecting new mother I meet. Heh.

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