Wrappers Delight

A little entertainment from the early – and more innocent days – of rap, to help you through the last-minute tussle with sticky tape, paper and ribbons. Dig those groovy dance moves!

Have lovely holiday. Hope Santa lives up to eveyone’s great expectations.

See you next year, when we can deconstruct the whole thing.


16 thoughts on “Wrappers Delight

  1. It just all looks so … clean-cut! How funny. Where’s the bling? And the radical hair?

    Thanks for that, good value.
    Happy Christmas.

  2. You gotta love the Old School hip hop this holiday season, for all the bang-bang-boogieness it brings.

    Thank you Mad Muthas for this You Tube moment. Hope you have a fabulous holiday season.

  3. oh dear heaven, wyndham! if you’ve learned it from me, you’d better hope this is also the season to forget.

    paige – it IS oddly festive. certainly full of good cheer and as anachronistic now as bing crosby’s chestnuts roasting on an open fire. glad you liked it.

    stomper – note also total lack of skanky ho ho ho’s. just good wholesome entertainment. no wonder we grew up to be the upright, uptight members of society we are today!

  4. Happy New Year. I am torn between hoping you had a peaceful Christmas and hoping it was blogworthy. Your Madness book has had me laughing over the Yule Log though!

  5. Ohhh my Gawd!!!
    Brought me back!!!
    I was dancing around listening to this!!!!
    Happy Happy Christmas to you and a wonderful new year filled to the brim with blogger moments to be shared….

    Classic line/ Can he satisfy you with his little worm?”Classic

    Hotel Motel Holiday Inn!!!

  6. ha, funny. i used to listen to this riding around town in my friend’s purple eldorado. yes, it was 1996 and not 1979 but whatever…

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