Join the dots …

Right! Are you ready? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Pencils at the ready now …

  1. Young people in Britain are, it seems, the worst behaved in Europe.
  2. According to Save the Children, the UK has one of the worst rates of child poverty in Europe. It comes 21st out of 27 countries.
  3. At least 3.4 million children in the UK are living in poverty.
  4. The investment that is reckoned to be necessary to end child poverty in the UK is at least £4 billion.
  5. Our beloved Prime Minister (pictured right) has pledged £4 million to provide almost 80 ‘supernannies’ to help parents who have problem children.

Is this making any kind of coherent picture? No, I didn’t think so either.

On a lighter note, I tagged You Da Mom and she’s duly divulged 5 scintillating things most people don’t know about her already! I suspect she’s working faster than light, so her posts actually appear before she’s written them. Say hi to her from me.


9 thoughts on “Join the dots …

  1. Poverty/supernannies



    No, even with repetition, these words and their meanings are not alike and don’t merge or address each other in anyway. Is the government trying to indicate that poor children are just naughty children and if they just “toed the line” this would result in more food on the table, better education etc etc. This must mean those children in the fee paying education system must be saints. Well, just look at Prince Harry….

  2. Exactly Nutmeg. The other problem with this is that the people who end up seeking help with their parenting are probably not the ones who need it the most. So the whole thing is flawed from the off.

    And I for one am getting mighty pissed off by being told this current crop of children are a bag of shite before they’ve even started… Poor lambs they are probably the most reviled generation in history: too fat, too lazy, too badly behaved… what hope do they have???

    It would be more to the point for this government to stop obsessing about unachievable targets and aim instead for every state school to be of the highest standard, rather then letting the rough ones slide and the nice middle class ones get better and better. There seems to be an assumption now that poor = stupid and very little help is given to poor bright kids who need it. Which is rich coming from a party run by a lot of once poor kids who had a decent education…

    Down with the supernannny (and the nanny state) say I!

  3. I think the supernannies would work best as a single team. Imagine being a badly behaved toddler when wherever you looked was another hectoring old besom. There mere risk of developing a lifelong starch allergy would be enough to turn you into an Angel.

  4. I’m a little confused at the connection between Supernannies and eliminating poverty as well. Sounds like something the U.S. Congress would come up with.

  5. there really is no connection, is there? but it’s this awful technique our government (maybe all?) have of appearing to do something while managing to achieve nothing at all, spend very little money – except on marketing – and also blame someone else when it all goes wrong. grrrrr

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