Recognise anyone?

Because I’m too slack … er, I mean busy to do a proper post at the moment, I thought I’d just give you a link to a slightly abridged extract from the book that appeared in the Times magazine about a month ago. It’s basically a series of little caricatures of parenting types. Let me know if anything looks familiar! (And I’m NOT ‘fessing up to which one … or indeed ones I am. Oh well, I might. But you’ll have to go first.)

Click here to check out which kind of mad parent you are


9 thoughts on “Recognise anyone?

  1. Probably a cross between helicopter (you should have seen my panic this morning when I got to school and the eldest who had gone on ahead alone wasn’t there!) and the Tate mummy. Except for Tate, read Castles. My eldest is now thoroughly anti history having been dragged round every castle we have come across since she was a babe in arms.

    You probably need Basket Case Mum, who lurches from one crisis to the next, is constantly neurotic about some tiny little thing happening to hurt her little darlings, and who never has enough eggs to make fairy cakes on demand.

    Oh, that would be me then….


  2. Should I be worried; I’m not really any type of mum listed here (I may be deluding myself)! Maybe a little Eco mummy – but with compost bins and grow-your-own veggies. I’m sorry, but I don’t soak/wash cloth nappies πŸ™‚ Is there a “Can you now go off and play amongst yourselves…” mum?

  3. Hmmm … I didn’t see either of my categories — the “Can’t-Stop-Blogging” Mom or the “A-Little-TV-Won’t-Hurt-You Mom!” πŸ˜‰

  4. Later editions should include The Weird Mothers. Well, only if you would like me to be able to select a neat little category.

    Oh and where the fuck is my copy? I ordered it weeks ago. Damazon.

  5. i should have asked you lot BEFORE writing the book – there’s clearly a lot of untapped lunacy out there! karrie, how nicely weird of you to order the book. hope you enjoy it (once damazon obliges).
    i’ll fess up not to being a bit of eco, crossed with recovering helicopter. mostly, i’m the ‘having a little nap in the cinema mum’.

  6. i’m the ‘a little bit of this, and a little bit of that and patch it all up with sticky tape’ mum.

    ok, mostly tate and helicopter!

  7. Hmmm. I think I’m a bit of Tate & a bit of the Quality Time mum & maybe a bit of a Helicopter. And if there was “A Little TV Won’t Hurt You Mum” like PM suggested, I’d be about 75% that!

  8. I am definitely the “Washes-Her-Antidepressants-Down-with-a-Gin-and-Tonic” type mom. That description fit me to a “T”. Yup, that’s me.

    What? That wasn’t an option?

    Oh. I was only kidding anyway. Sort of.

  9. I’ve been all those mums, which puts me squarely in the “Been there, done that” catagory. It’s true, we’re all laughing at the new ones and whispering, “just wait until…” under our breath.

    P.S. Jenny is a lush.

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