I love Madonna ….. but honestly!

I admit it. And this is no passing fancy. I’ve felt this way ever since the long-ago days of Desperately Squeaking Susan, and even before, and have watched with dazed admiration her metamorphosis into the muscle-flexin’, Kabbalah-adherin’, children’s-book-writin’, leotard-wearin’, baby-adoptin’ sex tigress/matriarch she is today.

So it is with sadness that I have to admit my reservations about the recent actions of my same-age-and-therefore-constant-thorn-in-flesh idol. Click here to read the sorry tale. Now I’m sure that you – like me – have watched news programmes from the trouble spots of the world, seen people forced to the very brink of survival, and suffering that no living creature should ever have to endure. And I’m sure you – like me – have all looked around at your over-materialistic lifestyle and felt that awful creeping guilt. And I’m sure that you – like me – have thought, ‘God! That poor little kid. I’d just like to scoop him/her right up now and just make everything better!’.

And that is the point at which we get a reality check, go online to this or indeed some other charity and see, with amazement that for £20 a month, we could feed an AIDS orphan in Malawi for three and a half months. And that’s what we do.

Now, I think it’s great that Madonna has pledged to raise squillions of pounds to help AIDS orphans in Malawi. But whisking the little boy off in a private jet (thus contributing to climate change that keeps Africa hungry) – why? Do people lose their reality check once they can afford not to have one?

Anyway, the whole media circus surrounding the story is making me deeply uncomfortable. The newspapers must be making a fortune out of it. And I couldn’t begin to speculate what young David – or whatever his name is – will have in his nursery, or indeed how much it’ll all cost – but I bet it’ll be a bit more than twenty quid. And doesn’t that just underline the gap between the developed and developing world? Too much for too few – and next to nothing for the all rest.

Meanwhile, a court case is being prepared, it seems, to contest the adoption. Maybe it’s a principle worth defending – I don’t really know anymore. But one thing I’m pretty sure of – certain fat-cat lawyers will get both fatter and catter. Madonna will get hassle and publicity she could probably do without. A little boy will be followed round by a news story for the rest of his life. Let’s just hope the AIDS orphans of Malawi get something out of it.


13 thoughts on “I love Madonna ….. but honestly!

  1. I like her too! Musically it’s been an on and off affair through the years, but I still think she’s great.

    On adoption, I trust that any child will enjoy family life more than an institution. But then that depends on the family..

    I like the ideals of SOS Children villages though, to sponsor decent houses for the children somewhat close to where they’re from and with locals as “house moms”. That way, they can still maintain contact with relatives, continue to speak their native language and get a chance to go to school.

  2. I really, really like the “Desperately Seeking Susan” Madonna, but the “I want to be naked in a book…no, I want to write a children’s book” Madonna just kind of freaks me out.

    I haven’t heard too much (i.e. anything) about the story over here in the US, but it sounds to me like she did what any of us would have wanted to do, if we could. And she can. But that doesn’t mean that she should have.

  3. I love “Do people lose their reality check once they can afford not to have one?” So many implications and truths there. Very astute. I know a few people who are so far gone in their affluence and ostentatciousness (spelling?) that they can no longer relate to the common man. I often wonder how these no longer reality checkable richy rich’s would fare trying to survive with nothing, perhaps on a desert island. Think Survivor but without the crew. Is that creepy to think about? Probably. How would I fare, since survival is an every day thing for me moneywise? Anyway… keep the tight posts coming. Loving it.

  4. Well maybe now she’ll focus more attention on little David (any bets that she’ll change his name? Dante? Atticus?) and stop traipsing around the globe looking like a bad Madeleine Kahn impersonator.
    I’m not a fan (best part of the English Roses: the font. So swirly and pretty and hard to read), but am a bit divided about this matter. She’s putting her money where her mouth is, but this isn’t boy is not an ‘orphan’ he was a ‘ward.’ Big difference.
    But I’d rather she adopt a child then Micheal Jackson. *shivers running up my spine at the thought*

  5. I must be living under a rock because I had no idea. Well, now that I have 5 minutes to myself I must go read what Madonna has been up to.

  6. oh my goodness! the story is HUGE here – maybe because Big M and the Mockney Rebel are basically resident here, and the adoption process involves – presumeably – their local authority. I’ll go and put in a link straightaway…. watch this space. Well, not this one but the one above – you know what I mean …

  7. Malawi probably has good reason for not wanting wealthy celeb Americans adopting their kids. While the fear may be based on superstition, I think the inclination to caution is wise.

    Poor kid.

  8. I have mixed feelings about this… or maybe what I really mean is I’m hesitant to judge because Madonna is so heavily in the spotlight that maybe this all came about in a way that tried to prevent a media circus about it all along and now it just looks like POOF, she grabbed a kid and went home… So I’m just not sure what to think about it.

  9. I too am deeply uncomfortable with the gulf between the haves and have-nots, and think you expressed all this beautifully.

    But … if I was going to choose a celebrity parent for a bewilderd orphan, I have to say that (based on hearing her parenting thoughts and techniques in a Parky interview) Madonna sounds like quite a sensible one.

  10. It is a touchy issue, Madmuthas, as you know from my posting on the subject. As an adoptive mom, I lean toward cutting her some slack … it’s one less child who has to grow up in an orphanage.

  11. Is it bad that I can’t stop wondering if she’s doing this now because Angelina and all are getting such great publicity for doing similar things. I mean, the timing is odd. Why now? I guess good deeds are good no matter the timing. But mainly it seems good press for Esther. But hopefully good things will come to a child as a result.

  12. I too am a huge Madonna fan – it was first term at uni for me, forever associated with crummy discos and Like a Virgin.

    I personally think she is getting a lot of unnecessary flak. I don’t believe that she is after a designer adopted baby as she has been accused of in some quarters. Neither do I give a tuppenny damn for the notion that a child should never be taken from its home because of some pc reasoning that says it is better for a child to starve in Malawi and stay Malawian then live in another culture and stay alive. As I understand it the dad of this child has lost two kids to malaria and didn’t want it happening to David too. I do agree that he should know about his background etc, and I do agree that his lifestyle might be a bit crazy. But hell, at least he has a chance of a good life now. I don’t see anything wrong with that. And Madonna by all accounts does sound like a sensible kind of mum. Plus she is also giving bucketloads of money to orphanages in Malawi (Ok, less said about the Kabbalah thing probably the better!),so what is the big deal really. She’s given a kid a shot at a better kind of life. Children need homes not orphanages.

    And ok, there will be people who say so maybe she should have adopted in this country, but it is so difficult to do it here. I know a heartrending story of a couple who had one child and the second was born with severe needs and subsequently died. The mother couldn’t have any more children. It took them SEVEN years to find a brother for their son. SEVEN years, and the hell they went through and the crass stupidity of some of the decisions that went against them beggars belief. If I wanted to adopt and I had the money, I’d certainly think twice about doing it here.

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