Less than six years to go ….

Have you decided which Olympic event your child is going to win … er, I mean compete in? Cos there’s no time to waste, you know. Of course, it’s going to be tricky, since our children are mostly obese and spend their time playing computer games but with sufficient pushiness – and we parents are so very, very pushy – we might just manage it.

Interesting article here in Der Spiegel about how the powers that be are trawling the country for future winners (cos it’s the winning that matters, not the taking part). I particularly like the bit about mud being okay, as long as there are some nuggets of gold in with it. We mud-people are breathing a sigh of relief.

So if our children are too unfit to go for the flashy events, like sprinting and pole vaulting, and too lardy for the sexy ones, like beach volleyball, maybe they could go for something like table tennis. Now aren’t you glad I supplied that clip with the previous thread? Hope you’ve got started on the training regime ….


4 thoughts on “Less than six years to go ….

  1. When my kid was six she participated in cross country running… andit was hillarious to watch..it wasin a park with a whole bunch of other schools… the gun goes off… and there my kid is hugging one of the kids from the other school,then they start to talk about arranging a playdate… and then once that is done she is off… and then ‘WOW… look at that leaf! that is one magnificent leaf!!!! Wow i think I willpick that one up…’says she
    and then she is off again… and then she hears a friend cry… she stops… helps her friend…and still finishes in the top 30 in her first 5k race.
    It was definitely an Olympic moment for me…

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